Data Streams

We are interested in collecting data from built environment

Core Features

Check out some of our main core features. Data Streams is a very powerful product packed with tons of data collecting sensoring equipment.

Discovering Energy one watt at a time.

Check your energy, acoustic, temperature data remotely.

See if people are using the circulation space the way you intended.

Meet the team

Driven by Passion, Fueled by CREATIVITY, that’s the easiest way to describe our team members. get to know us.

Ryan B. Cameron Ryan B. Cameron COFOUNDER

We are passionate people when it comes to the built environment. We want to investigate how people work through a space over time and track that data.

Michael Vander Ploeg Michael Vander Ploeg COFOUNDER

How we influence and manipulate the built environment can only come from what we know and experience – we’re setting out to better understand aspects of buildings that until recently was rather difficult to quantify.

Some fun facts

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