Data Revolution

Data is an interesting topic lately.  Big Data, Small Data, just Data. Our designs are generating more information than ever before and we need a way to collect and visualize that information for our clients benefit.  Data is a fairly wicked problem as I see it, not only do we not know what data we should be collecting we don’t know how to efficiently collect it either.  We dream of tangible outcomes, new services, and proven designs from all this data. But how do we bring it all together?

The client owns the data, but we generate all of this information about the carpet selection, chair warranty, mechanical equipment, and electrical outlets among countless other items.  Then of course there is the data not being collected during the use of that design.  That is where I see Data Streams stepping in and really starting to bridge that gap between 3D and 4D.

It would appear DLR Group is at the forefront of this concept.  There are more and more articles and books being written about how to collect data, but little on the actual use of that data.  One recent article came from Architect Magazine.  You can view the short read from this link.|gigyaMobileDialog

Creating a backlog of information to pull from is critical in understanding how our buildings are performing.  Think of it as a new, easier way to perform a post-occupancy evaluation.  No forms, no meetings, just the evaluation and confirmation of how the building performs.  All from an acoustic, occupancy, energy and multitude of other data related forms.  Looking forward to see what DLR Group can do in the data-driven future.


Casey D. Kent

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